Visa Investment Opportunities

Yaran has opportunities for business migrants to invest and obtain excellent returns while assisting applicants in obtaining Australian permanent residency.

Yaran has extensive experience in assisting 132 visa applicants with over 20 families successfully obtaining class 132 visa’s through joint ventures with Yaran. Many of these investors have also reached their 2 year Form 1010 visa review date, with 100% approval rate for review approval by both the State and Federal Government. Yaran’s investment structure meets the requirements of the government of Western Australia for State Sponsorship under the “Class 132 Business Talent” permanent residency visa.

About Yaran

Yaran Property Group Pty Ltd (Yaran) is a property development company based in Perth Western Australia.  Yaran has extensive experience in Western Australia in residential property development with a focus on affordable housing under our build-to-rent model.  The business was established more than 20 years ago in 1996, and the company has developed in excess of 1000 dwellings worth more than AUD$380 million

One Stop Shop

Yaran takes the hassle out of business visa compliance and ongoing management by offering a full investment solution to migrants:

Ongoing active involvement
Yaran will coordinate quarterly board meetings with the visa holder, involve the visa holder in key decision making, and collect evidence of active involvement required for the Form 1010 review.

Business establishment Yaran will incorporate a new company on the visa holders behalf.

Legal documentation
Visa holders can use our standard suite of legal documentation that has been vetted by immigration lawyers and reviewed by the WA State Government.

WA State Sponsorship nomination
Assist in preparation of a business plan to submit for state nomination approval.

Accounting & payroll
Company can be managed under Yaran’s in-house accounts team, including payroll for full time employees and taxation.

Yaran has two qualifying business models available for investment

Roof Top Solar Farm

alt text

Residential rooftop solar farm project consisting of 810kW of Solar PV and energy sold to the residents and the grid.

Business model acceptable by WA State Government

Innovative project collaborating with Murdoch University & University of Western Australia

Minimum investment amount - $1 million

Investment Term – 4 years

Secure and attractive investment returns

Property Development

alt text

Residential property development project consisting of 67 single storey dwellings in South Lake, 20km south of Perth CBD.

Business model acceptable by WA State Government

Minimum investment amount - $2.5 million

Investment Term – 4 years

DA Approved – construction due to commence Q1 2020

Attractive 20% return on investment

Class 132 Business Talent Visa

This visa is available for high-calibre business people who have a genuine commitment to operate a business in Australia.  This visa provides permanent residence status at the first stage upfront.

Key eligibility criteria for the 132 visa business owners

  • at least a 30 per cent ownership share (or 10 per cent where the business is a publicly listed company) and directly managed a business which had turnover of at least A$3,000,000 for two of the last four fiscal years;

  • net assets in business were at least A$400,000 for two of the last four fiscal years.

The key requirements of the Western Australian government for nomination under the class 132 visa for investment into a business

Property Development

  • Value of net assets to be in business in WA: At least A$2.5 million;Creation of at least one new job (full time equivalent) in WA; andA residence is to be purchased in WA.

Other Businesses (not property development)

  • Value of net assets to be in business in WA: at least A$1 millionCreation of at least two new jobs (full time equivalent) in WA; andA residence is to be purchased in WA.

Click here to learn more about the eligibility requirements for an Australian Visa

How to invest

Use the form below to contact us. Yaran offers a proven track record of success both in financial returns and acquiring Australian residency for their investors. To help us best understand your investment goals, please provide a few comments so we can ensure your needs are met quickly.