Yaran Initiavives

To provide innovative, sustainable, and affordable housing options to people through all stages of life.


Room by Room Rentals

Yaran provides comfortable room by room accommodation to single person households for between $150 to $200 per week.  This has been very popular with students and key workers.  Renting Room-by-Room is more affordable than renting single bedroom dwellings and offers further financial security by guaranteeing that a resident will only need to pay for the room they rent, and not cover the cost of the whole dwelling when there is a vacancy as they would in a normal house sharing situation. The burden of finding new roommates is also alleviated, as Yaran acts as a mediator for all tenants.



Yaran Affordable Home Ownership Initiative (YAHOI) is a rent to buy program which aims of transition tenants into home ownership over a 5 year period, through crediting 20% of rent paid towards a deposit on the property being rented and rewarding tenants up to 2% of the value of the property for building their personal savings.  Unlike other rent-to-buy products on the market, YAHOI properties are rented at the market value rent and indexed to rental CPI for both increases and decreases.


Yaran Affordable Retirement Initiative (YARI) enables seniors on an aged pension to move into one of our new properties with all rent and utilities covered by 40% of their total pension. YARI is a lease-for-life agreement under a standard residential tenancy agreement for both singles and couples whereby tenants can move into a property with a rate that is fixed to their pension and not affected by current rental or market value. Internet, electricity and water is provided by Yaran at no extra cost.

By operating on a build-to-rent model rather than build-to-sell, Yaran tenants can have peace of mind that they will not be vacated and have to move again during their tenancy.



Residents club

Yaran Residents Club is a program available to all Yaran property residents that is based on the ten principles of sustainable, healthy living as defined in the One Planet Living framework. Residents Club members experience many benefits, ranging from financial savings through vehicle sharing services and energy saving technology, to health and happiness benefits through resident exercise programs and communal green space.