Yaran Property Group has long been a supporter of The John Fawcett Foundation and its Indonesian counterpart, the Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia. This humanitarian organisation specialises in providing medical assistance free of charge to those who would never be able to afford it.

There are around 4 million blind people in Indonesia, 3 million of whom are cataract blind, a condition which is curable in most cases. However for most Indonesians a cataract operation is far too expensive for them to consider and they remain blind throughout their lives, a burden on their families and communities.

The Foundation’s Sight Restoration and Blindness Prevention Program began in the Bali Mobile Eye Clinic in 1991, offering cataract surgery free of charge for those in need.

These mobile eye clinics for cataract surgery operate in Bali, Lombok and South Kalimantan. Ultimately sight restoration surgery, sophisticated mobile units bring the surgery to people in their villages. Well-trained ophthalmic surgeons and nurses perform the sight restoring procedure free of charge in a clean and sterile environment, making the dream of restored vision a reality to 27, 519 people so far.

Yaran’s express support over 4 years has enabled the operation of the South Bali Mobile Eye Clinic. This mobile eye clinic has carried out thousands of operations on cataract blind patients. These operations are life changing and have an extremely positive effect on the patient’s lives, their families and their communities. We encourage you to read more about their latest work here


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