What the residents club offers

Yaran Residents Club is the framework by which we create sustainable communities under the One Planet Living guidelines. One Planet Living is a vision of the world where everyone, everywhere can live happy, healthy lives within the limits of our planet, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness.

The One Planet Living framework comprises ten easy-to-grasp principles and detailed Goals and Guidance. Together, these provide a clear, practical routemap to create a sustainability action plan for any organisation that can engage hearts as well as minds. 

Zero Carbon Energy

Through innovative energy saving techniques, aggregation of energy consumption, smart energy control systems and use of renewable energy sources, Yaran plans to significantly reduce the amount of carbon energy used on all properties.

Zero Waste

By investing in proper infrastructure and through expert consultation, Yaran intends to utilise a new, highly effective waste management plan that will decrease the amount of waste going to land fill and maximise the recyclable materials coming from Yaran properties.

Materials and Products

Residents have at their disposal shared laundry supplies, tools and lawnmowers, as well as a planned communal internet service and planned resident swap meets.

Travel and Transport

Yaran residents have access to bicycle sharing, as well as the electric scooter sharing service gGo.

Local and Sustainable Food

Edible gardens are grown in common areas and provide residents with free access to their own home grown food. Aquaponics provide residents with indoor sources for herbs and spices for their own cooking, and planed resident-help cooking nights encourage culinary learning.

Health and Happiness

Various resident programs, such as yoga and meditation encourage healthy behaviour.

Equity and Local Economy

Affordable housing initiatives produced by Yaran ease financial stress on Yaran residents, while promotion of local businesses keep currency circulating within the immediate local community.

Culture and Community

Shared generational housing situations and communal outdoor living spaces encourage residents to communicate and provide a measure of belonging.

Land and Nature

Communal gardens, retention of existing trees during the construction period and large amounts of green space acts to maintain harmony with the surrounding environment, while other Yaran initiatives act to further reduce harm to local environment, and the global environment at large.

Sustainable Water

Utilisation of smart water meters with leak alerts and water saving tapware reduces water wastage.