Yaran Affordable Home Ownership Initiative (YAHOI) is a rent to buy program which aims of transition tenants into home ownership over a 5 year period, through crediting 20% of rent paid towards a deposit on the property being rented and rewarding tenants up to 2% of the value of the property for building their personal savings.  Unlike other rent-to-buy products on the market, YAHOI properties are rented at the market value rent and indexed to rental CPI for both increases and decreases.

How YAHOI Works

  1. Tenant pays market value rent for property. The leases are signed for at least 1 year and rents increase / decrease as per rental CPI each year

  2. The tenant must lease the property for 5 continuous years. After which, 20% of the total rent paid (approximately 1 years’ worth of rent) will be put towards the tenant’s down payment on the property by Yaran.

  3. Each year, throughout the 5 years, the tenant will agree on an amount they can save outside of their rent.  These savings will be held in the tenant’s personal savings account and will grow and earn interest.

  4. If the tenant meets their agreed savings targets, they will be entitled to a Bonus Incentive.  The Bonus Incentive is equal to 2% of the property purchase price and is added to their down payment.

YAHOI Example

  • Peter rents an apartment for $300 per week for five years, he also successfully saves $50 per week and therefore the 2% bonus is applied. After 5 years the property is valued at $350,000. Through YAHOI the total amount to be credited would be $35,600

    • $35,600 is broken down as follows:

      • $15,600 = 20% of $300 per week rent for 5 years

      • $13,000 = $50 per week saved for 5 years

      • $7,000 = 2% bonus incentive on $350,000 property

      • Total deposit after 5 years = $35,600


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YAHOI Projects

Below is a list of projects that are currently being offered under Yaran's YAHOI program. Please contact Yaran directly in order to get an up to date availability schedule.

Westralia Gardens, Rockingham

  • 2 Bed 2 Bath

  • 2 Bed 1 Bath

  • 1 Bed 1 Bath

  • Pets Considered

  • $300-$340 per week for 2 Bed 2 Bath

External Illustration - Eliza Park Type A (high res).jpg

Eliza Park, Hamilton Hill

  • 4 Bed 3 Bath

  • 2 Car Secure Garage

  • 1 Visitor Car-bay

  • Pets Considered

  • $430 per week