There is not a challenge we can’t
overcome when we come
together as a team, focus and do
our best with our purpose in mind.
Our Team Values

Pursuing our passion

Continuous process improvement

Empowerment and delegation

Respect, support, and encouragement

Meaning and purpose to our work

Growth and development professionally and personally

Valuing innovation and initiative

Attitude of gratitude

Our Team
Faryar Gorjy Director
Marco Buonaiuto General Manager
Luke Potthoff CFO
Richard Poole Sales and Marketing Manager
Rosabel Kuek Operations Manager
Zackery Manning Project Development Manager
Nadav Strum Project Development Manager
Sam Joseph Project Finance Manager
Caio De Araujo Business Development Manager (NDIS)
Vikram Biala Short-stay Business Manager
Brendan Teo Accountant
Kahenna Canina Strata Manager

We also acknowledge our professional and dedicated support staff
based in the Philippines.